Skooch Diaper Bags – Fashionable Diaper Bags

Skooch Diaper Bags – Fashionable Diaper Bags

zvParents know that a diaper bag is a must have when travelling with baby. Manufacturers have indeed addressed this need with the proof of the varying diaper bags available to choose from the in the market right now. This helps us as parents to identify which diaper bag will be able to address and meet our needs as we go out and ensure that we have all we need packed to take care of our little loved one.

Gone are the days when diaper bags had to have those childish and fancy designs. Cute as they are, as parents we will be tasked to carry them around. The goofy designs do not seem to match our apparel most especially when we are out dressed formally. This is why there are now numerous designs to choose from which no longer makes the diaper look like the conventional diaper bag but more like a tote or a handbag that fits perfectly mom’s style and preference when it comes to fashion.

Take for example one the Sunburst diaper bag that I recently bought from the store. This bag which was designed by Skooch truly matches the modern style which suites my preference. It has a very unique design which gives me that glow of vibrancy as well. It is something which I take a long as I travel with my kid and I do not have any worries about not being fashionable at all. It is hip and really cool, really matching my personality.

More than the looks of this Skooch diaper bag is its functionality. One criterion which of course certainly needs to be considered likewise and goes together with fashion. What I like about the bag is how versatile it is in making sure that my baby’s needs are covered. The bag has several pockets where important baby items can be stored. This makes it very roomy and spacious to put in the diapers, towel and extra clothing needed as baby and I are on the go. One feature that I love most about the bag is its material. Made of nylon, this bag is waterproof, so there is no worry about moisture or water seeping in the bag. This I would say is on feature that gives me a lot of peace of mind indeed. With the bag too comes a changing pad that you can use when the need arises – isn’t this just convenient? What’s nice about it too is the fact that its color matches the bag, so there is no worry about being not coordinated. More side pockets and compartments to further store items come with this bag.

Indeed, having a bag that is functional and fashionable at the same time is a relief for me as a mom. It makes me feel good to know that what I am carrying fits me well and at the same time provides good storage for what I need to make sure that my little one is well taken care of. Nothing beats this feeling of assurance and satisfaction.


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