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I Entered the Online Shopping Age Kicking and Screaming, But It Definitely Has It’s Benefits!

I Entered the Online Shopping Age Kicking and Screaming, But It Definitely Has It’s Benefits!

vAnimals truly are my passion. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have at least one critter. I’ve had dogs, cats, horses, a llama, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, mice, turtles, frogs, and even a snake or 2. I also thoroughly enjoy feeding the birds, the squirrels, and the chipmunks. I really do love all creatures, great and small.

Have you ever heard someone from the country say that they need to go to the feed store? If you have, they are most likely referring to buying food or supplies for their animals.

I managed a ‘feed store’ for my dad for 18 years. When I first took over the store, it was primarily feed for larger, farm type animals along with dogs and cats. I gradually expanded the food department to include every other breathing, non human creature imaginable. I also started building the product and supplies end of the business. It was fun but it was also very challenging.

There really wasn’t such a thing as the internet or online shopping when I started running the store. I had distributors who delivered the food end of it but the product buying was often a challenge. Most of the buying that I did was either from a catalog or I would buy from the supplier direct. Our store was in a small county so buying direct meant a trip to the city. While in the city, I would go to other stores and do some price checking. I wanted to be sure that I was competitive. I actually bought some dog foods at a pet ‘Big Box’ store. Often these stores had better dog food prices then my regular distributors. They can buy in quantity thus they can keep their prices down. Buyer beware though. You may get your food cheaper but the ‘Big Boxes’ take you to the cleaners when you purchase their supplies. I often felt bad having a 100% mark-up on products. These popular stores have at least a 300% mark-up on most pet products. People seem to think that since the food is less expensive that everything else will be too. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The whole thing was quite the learning experience.

A ‘Big Box’ grocery store came into our area and it was the beginning of the end for many small ‘mom and pop’ stores in our county. Society became convenience oriented. If folks could get their food AND their critters food in one place… they did. Loyalty became a thing of the past. Our business suffered and we eventually decided to close the doors. It was sad but the times were changing and we couldn’t compete with the one stop shopping mentality. Around that same time was the beginning of buying online for many people. Even if the box store would not have come in, I don’t think our business would have survived. People love to shop online and there is massive competition out there these days. If an online store wants to succeed they absolutely have to be competitive. We have choices now and there are resources out there enabling us to be totally informed. The old way of buying locally and buying whatever they have available is definitely history.

I really did come to the online shopping age kicking and screaming. I’ve since changed my tune. Were it not for online shopping, I may not have found the product that cured my Cocker Spaniel’s ear infection. I did go to physical stores but I never did find a product that worked. The internet prevented me from having to go to the vet. Don’t get me wrong here. Going to the vet is often necessary but there are times when we can treat whatever ails our pets ourselves. The information highway and online shopping is great for these times.


Tips to Buying Baby Bath Tubs

Tips to Buying Baby Bath Tubs

sbThere are many factors you are going to want to take into consideration when it comes to buying baby bath tubs that you are going to want to take note of to make sure you buy the best product that is going to give you and baby with the best bath experience.

There are so many great baby bath tubs on the market now, but if you are looking for a tub that you can use from birth to toddler years, then look for one that is convertible. These tubs enable you to use a sling to keep your new baby clothes while bathing. The sling can be removed as the baby ages, so they can use the same tub from new to toddler, saving you money in the long run.

You are also going to want to ensure that the tub you choose is hard plastic. The hard plastic baby bath tubs are easy to clean, they are also mildew resistant. Many of them come with suction cups on the bottom, so you can hold them firmly in place to cut the risk of them sliding.

There are those which are also foldable. If you are limited on space or you travel as a family on a regular basis, you may find these baby bath tubs the most convenient, providing you with an easy solution. Once the tub is drained, it folds into an easily portable tub that you can store away with ease or you can take with you with confidence.

Further, you will find that there are inflatable designs. These are perfect for travel, as you can remove the water and deflate them completely. If you are very limited on space and you feel that even the foldable design will be too big, then this may be the option you are looking for. Just remember when buying inflatable baby bath tubs, that they will need extra cleaning in the long run, as they are not as easy to clean as the harder plastic models.

Some come with a useful colour changing plug, which can be a useful tool for a new parent. The plug will change colour if the water is too hot, this will help you make sure that you don’t make the bath too hot for your new baby. Some even come with a most fill line, helping you know how full to make the bath to bathe your baby with ease each and every day.

Ensure any baby bath tub you choose comes with a smooth rim. The smooth rim will help you bathe baby without injuring yourself and also make sure that you cannot injure baby when putting them in or taking them out of the bath at any time.

You will also want to ensure, whether you buy a hard plastic baby bath tub or an inflatable tub that the surface is non slip. Once you have the baby smothered in soap, you don’t want them slipping or sliding around the bath.

The last factors you are going to want to consider is to always focus on the cleaning and storage of the baby bath tub. This will help you find which design is the best choice for you. The last thing is to check you get the right size based on your baby’s age.

What Every Parent Needs to Know

What Every Parent Needs to Know

fdThe great thing is that these baby bouncer seats are a safe place to put your newborn baby, they have a slight angled seat, so you can lay baby down with confidence to get on with other tasks, such as cleaning the house, washing dishes or even taking a quick shower. Because they are light in weight, you can move them around the house with ease, keeping baby in each room with you without actually having to hold them all the time.

You will be faced with a range of choices when choosing a baby bouncer seat, which means you may want to take note of the choices to find what is going to be the right choice to meet your particular parenting needs.

One of the first choices you are going to have to make is whether to choose a baby bouncer seat that is motorized or works on it’s own. The motorized ones come as mains power or battery, some both, so you can choose which one is the right match based on your needs. Battery is probably the best option, enabling you to use the seat anywhere without having to rely on mains power, but you must expect to go through a lot of batteries as your child continues to grow.

Next make sure any baby bouncer seat you buy comes with safety straps to firmly hold your newborn in place and cut the risk of them falling out of the seat as they get older and start to roll and move around more. Remember when buying the item now, focus on your baby’s growth and choose a seat that will benefit them from newborn to a few months old, so you only have to buy one bouncer that will last you their baby years.

Choose a baby bouncer seat that provides you with removable seat covers. The seat is guaranteed to get dirty over time, especially when using it regularly, which will mean that being able to remove the seat cover and throwing it in the washing machine will be a blessing, keeping it clean and fresh.

Take note of the frame of the baby bouncer seat. You want a sturdy frame that you can trust. The frame should be strong and durable and able to withstand a beating. Also focus on the comfort of the seat to make sure your baby will be able to lie in the seat comfortably, enabling them to drift off to sleep or spend a bit of time in there without getting restless.

Always look for any more extras you may be able to get with the baby bouncer seat. Some come with a toy bar or a sun canopy, so you can use it outdoors. Some even come with a mobile already in place that will play music to entertain baby while you get your housework done.

Some of the things you will want to remember once you bring your baby bouncer seat home is to check for a certification. If you have ordered online and cannot find a certification then return it for a full refund.

Never place the seat near any hazards which may be dangerous. While this sounds obvious, don’t place the seat too close to the radiator on a cold day or too close to the table where something may fall off and injury baby.

Never place the baby bouncer on a table or carry it by the toy bar when your baby is in the seat. Always make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions.

How to Make Your Own Aloe Infused Socks

How to Make Your Own Aloe Infused Socks

wefThough aloe vera infused socks are not too expensive, making your own can always be a fun option. The benefits of such socks have been proven, and you too can take advantage of this with some items that may be laying around your household. This can be done in five easy steps.

What you need:

  • Aloe vera based moisturizer
  • Bath towel
  • Cotton socks

Step 1. Choose a moisturizer of your liking. Preferably you want something to treat dry, or cracked fee. Ingredients such as anti-fungal peppermint, shea butter, or coconut oil will be great.

Step 2. Before sleeping, take a steamy hot shower. The shower will allow the pores on your feet to open. Fun fact: the pores on your feet are the largest of any pores you have on your body. It is quite common for people to have incredibly sweaty feet even if the rest of their body is not sweating.

If you don’t want to take a shower you could soak your feet in warm water for about 11 minutes. However, a steamy shower is definitely suggested as it will allow your pores to open up more.

Step 3. Pat dry your feet with a towel. If you rub them you could cause chaffing, or damage to the skin. This is similar advice which is often offered for cleaning your face.

Step 4. Apply the moisturizer to your feet. Be sure to rub it in all over. Be sure to be gentle when applying the lotion. You will only need a thin layer.

Step 5. Put on your socks. Leave the socks on overnight to allow enough time for your feet to absorb the nutrients. Remove them in the morning, and wash as normal. Even if you do not decide to leave them on all night you could still definitely feel the benefits of

Your feet should be much softer than before. If you have serious problems with dry feet, then you could do this often. See how it goes for you. However, if you do not want to do this then you can simply buy some!

Taking care of your feet is something everyone should worry about. There are not many tasks where we are not constantly using our feet. Therefore, using different methods to take care of your feet is very important.

Thanks for reading and I hope that your feet will be better than ever!